PROJECT Trio Composition Competition 2015

And, the winner of the PROJECT Trio Composition Competition 2015 is… Piotr Szewczyk – Baltic Suite!! Excellent piece of music and we are excited to perform the work.

Honorable mention goes to Alexander Gonobolin – Contrasts.

Thank you to all of the composers who submitted work. Looking forward to doing it again in 2016.

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Crossover Composition Award

And the winner is…

Finalists were chosen and were are happy to announce their names:

  • Benedikt Brydern (USA)
  • Andr?s Derecksei (Hungary)
  • Aleksandr Gonobolin (Ukraine)
  • Dawid Lubowicz (Poland)
  • Jens Hubert (Germany)
  • Johannes Meyerh?fer (Germany)
  • Congratulations to the finalists and thank you to every participant! It was a rough decision and we thank you a lot for your enthusiasm and your patience!

    Their compositions well be performed at the final concert on September 25th 2015 in Mannheim and the audience votes on the award.

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    (Русский) ВНИМАНИЕ!

    (Русский) По вопросу приобретения нот, сборников, заказа аранжировок и тому подобное пишите Александру Чарльзовичу Гоноболину на почту: gonobolin@meta.ua

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