Alexander Gonobolin, born on November 27, 1953 in Russia is the Honored Artist of Ukraine, violinist, conductor and composer, winner of Yuri Falik International Competition for Composers held in 2012, St.Petersburg, Russia, prize winner at the International Competition “Crossover Composition Award” in Germany and winner of the honorary award “Project Trio” in the USA; union-member of the Ukrainian Union of Composers.

He is the author of numerous works for solo instruments and orchestra, ensembles, violin, piano and vocals.

He graduated from Professor Olga Parkhomenko’s violin class at The Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine in 1978.

Alexander Gonobolin has performed as a violin soloist with the Abkhazian State Philharmonic of Sokhumi, as well as Kherson and Mykolayiv Philharmonics in Ukraine. He served as conductor of The Capriccio (later Ars Nova) Chamber Orchestra in Mykolayiv, and teacher of Sokhumi and Kherson Schools of Music.

He has performed solo concerts in Ukraine, Georgia, Abkhazia, Russia, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Spain and Israel playing works of the renowned authors and also his own music.

He has written over 200 works from symphony and chamber music to ensembles, piano, string instruments, musical theatre productions, as well as vocal pieces.

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